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I read somewhere that the distance between a man’s thumb and forefinger is a good estimation of how large their cock is…. 


photo benfinger_zps44039ebf.jpg

And now I REALLY need to know how big his hands actually are. Because of science!


just imagine…. 

Instead of imaging, lets do the math. First we need some sort of measurement that we can use for comparison. How about part of Ben C’s finger. Now how do we do that you might ask. Well, 

Now we will say from tip of finger to first knuckle is just a bit bigger than half the width of a standard iPhone (looks like a 4, so I’m using my iPhone 4 to measure). This lets me approximate this length to about 1.25 inches. 

Now comes the next part:

Now the green lines are my edits. We can now takes this line and make it in line with the red dotted line, but keep it the same length.

Next, you copy and paste the line and fit it end to end.

That is 7 line fragments. But wait, that last on overhangs just slightly. I’d say that his thumb ends about ¾ of the length of a line fragment.


6.75 x 1.25” = 8.4375 inches.

You’re welcome.

did you just fucking deduce his penis size

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